Trade discussions with Lord Maude

carl_lord_maudeI was fortunate to secure a sit-down discussion with UK Trade Minister Lord Maude this week. This formed part of our ongoing involvement in the Go Global mission to China.

Lord Maude and myself discussed how we might best realize UrbanThings’ ambitions to bring our mobile apps and platforms to a global audience here in China. It was invaluable to get an insight into how we might tackle these exciting growth markets and what support we can expect.

On a more general note, I’ve been very impressed by the FCO’s support throughout our time here in China – their representatives been a constant source of advice and useful information. Did you know, for example, that Bristol City has been twinned with the city of Guangzhou to explore opportunities in connected city innovation? Cities throughout the world face the same challenges and the opportunities in this global marketplace are varied and exciting.

Go Global! UrbanThings heads to China

go_global_logoUrbanThings has been accepted onto the Go Global Trade Mission to Shanghai, an initiative by Enterprise Nation to take forty innovative UK businesses to China.

While in Shanghai, we’ll be exposed to some of the country’s top tech talent, with presentations from PayPal Asia, JD.Com and trips to the Chinaccelerator, and numerous other local expertise in the largest global marketplace. The event is supported by PayPal, HP, HSBC and UKTI.  Trade and investment minister Francis Maude will also be joining us on the trip.

On a personal note, I am excited to be joining such a talented group and looking forward to finding out how we can expand our apps and platforms further into this market.  Let’s go global!

London Bus Checker’s newest celebrity fan

Ed Vaizey

UrbanThings received a surprise endorsement this week from Minister of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey.

At a mobile apps event in London’s Covent Garden, Mr Vaizey declared that our app, London Bus Checker, was “his favourite app” and that he “uses it every day”! He also went on to describe meeting the app’s original creator as “meeting one of my greatest heroes” although we fear he may have let the breakfast Bucks Fizz go to his head by this point…

Either way, as we continue to grow our brand, it’s great to have your support, Ed!