A Possible Misuse of Confluence

Here at UrbanThings, we use Confluence to improve collaboration within the team. Confluence is great for linking JIRAs to collaborative spaces and for tracking the team’s activities between projects.

But… it turns out that it’s also useful for the far more important task of sharing reviews of restaurants with each other. A development we can entirely blame on the UberEats money bomb launch, and the ever-so-slightly possibly-connected Just Eat scratch card voucher giveaway outside Old Street station.

And in case the boss is reading this; there is an obvious business benefit to this valuable work: satisfying the team’s hunger will make us work harder! 😉

Now if only there was a free add-on to allow everyone to give marks out of ten…


K10, Japanese – “Excellent chicken gyoza”
Hungry Donkey, Greek – “fluffy tasty bread”
Homeslice, Pizza – “crispy and light dough base”
The Falafel Queen, Falafel – “falafel-tastic” (just in case you weren’t sure it was a falafel place…)
Hop, Vietnamese – “Tasty aromatic beef hotbox”